There are so many benefits that come with owning a home vs renting one.

Most of them are benefits that have to do with lifestyle, or how you choose to live. These are the types of things like: paint color, light fixture styles, being able to hang heavy decorations on your walls because nails are allowed, what type of flooring you want etc. They are also lifestyle choices such as: wanting an extra room so that you can have a home office and work from home, or needing enough space where mom and dad can come live with you, or, one of the most common reasons we hear, “I want to get a dog!”.

“I want to get a dog, but…”

-I don’t have the space

-The landlord won’t let me

-The landlord charges a crazy amount of money for pet rent

-I’m worried about my cleaning deposit

Stop living by someone else’s rules, pay a similar amount of money to own your own home, live how you want and upgrade your pet!

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