Cathedralized Insulation. First, what is it? Second, why is this important?

Let’s begin with what this is. Most people are unfamiliar with Cathedralized Insulation. In fact you might have even wondered what insulation has to do with cathedrals at all. In this case “Cathedralized” is referring to the location of the insulation. Cathedralized insulation is when open-cell foam is sprayed up onto the roof ceiling and gable walls of an attic space. It creates a semi-conditioned environment within the space.

Why is this important? Attic spaces in Arizona can reach 160°+ in the summer months, and in almost all Arizona homes, the duct work for the home’s air-conditioning unit runs through the attic space. In order for your home to reach a comfortable 74° inside in July in Arizona, your air conditioning unit must work harder and longer to get that cold air through duct work in a blazing hot attic to even get to your living room. However, when you have semi-conditioned space in your attic the temperatures stay cooler. Cooler temperatures mean less wear and tear on your expensive air conditioning system AND a lower electrical bill.

Cathedralized insulation may also be important to you if you or someone in your family has bad allergies. Unlike a normal attic space that needs to be vented because of the crazy hot temperatures, attic spaces that have been built with cathedralized insulation are sealed. This keeps all the nasty pollen and other allergens out of your house much more efficiently than typical vents do. Imagine how much more effective your filters will be when they don’t have to filter out quite so much.

So there you have it! Cathedralized Insulation is just another excellent way to make your Arizona home more energy efficient!

All of the homes Costa Verde Homes is building in Retreat at Mountain View Ranch in Casa Grande, AZ come standard with 5 ½’ of Cathedralized Insulation over all of the living spaces in the home. Come to our sales office and you can even see what it looks like. We’ve left a viewing space just for you!