1. Change your address: Notify the post office, banks, credit card companies, and other important institutions about your new address.

2. Transfer utilities: Contact your utility providers to transfer or set up new accounts for electricity, water, gas, internet, and cable services.

3. Pack strategically: Start packing early and label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to. This will make unpacking much easier.

4. Hire movers or rent a truck: Decide whether you want to hire professional movers or rent a truck to transport your belongings. Make sure to book in advance.

5. Update your insurance: Inform your insurance company about your new address and update your policies accordingly.

6. Clean and prepare your new home: Before moving in, thoroughly clean your new home and make any necessary repairs or improvements. If you are moving into a brand new Casa Grande home remember to make note of possible repairs that should be brought to the attention of the builder. 

7. Transfer or set up new services: Arrange for services like garbage collection, lawn care, and pest control, if needed.

8. Notify friends and family: Inform your loved ones about your new address and provide them with any necessary contact information.

9. Unpack and organize: Once you’ve moved in, start unpacking and organizing your belongings. Take your time to create a functional and comfortable living space.

10. Remember the pets: This is a big change for furry family members too and a good time to give them fresh tags with their new address as well, so no one gets lost. 

Remember, this is just a general checklist. You may have specific tasks based on your individual circumstances.

Don’t forget to take a break, relax and get to know your new neighbors. If you are moving into a new Costa Verde Homes neighborhood like Retreat at Mountain View Ranch, we look forward to seeing you around!