There are many steps involved in building a new home from the ground up. Many
times, obstacles present themselves from a floor plan layout, timing,
personalization options, etc. We have adapted a philosophy knows as FAWTSY –
Find a Way to Say Yes!

What does FAWTSY mean? Does it mean we can always say yes? Not really, what it
does mean is that we will take the time to look at a challenge, talk through it, visit
the homesite, look at plans and see if there any a way to get to YES!

We will meet with our homebuyers, find out what they are truly needing and why. If
there is a way to make it happen, we will. If we cannot, we will communicate why.
Many room options and flexibility have come from this process. Home buyers
needing a separate space for in-laws or college students living at home became our
Multi-Gen Retreat option. They told us what was needed and we incorporated that
into our next community.

We know that our pets are a part of our families. They need their own space for
their toys. We created an under the stair storage closet that can be outfitted with a
Dutch Door, so your pet is always close to you and they still have their own room.
During the course of construction, it is imperative to have a construction meeting
with you so we can show you the home as it is being built. What if you are out of
town and cannot attend in person? We can find a way to get it done. We can video
the home with you so you can ask questions, talk with our project manager and we
can keep the process moving along.

Make sure you are working with a homebuilder that can Find A Way to Say Yes! –
this is a huge investment for you. Shouldn’t we always work towards a win-win for