Who isn’t in love with HGTV and Pinterest perfect home décor these days? Unfortunately, not all of us happen to be interior designers and most of us don’t have unlimited funds. So, how do you achieve the luxury feel and look you’re craving? As it turns out there are inexpensive (sometimes free) tricks and tips that anyone can do to make their space crave-worthy.

Declutter! It’s FREE! Getting rid of stacks of magazines and extra knick-knacks can really make your space feel more open. It’s also less to dust. Having fewer things laying around will help elevate your space making it look more chic.

Switch up the color pallet by painting the walls, trim or ceiling of a room. It will look brand new again and cost very little. If you’re feeling extra ambitious you can even add some stylized details to your walls like coffering.

Go thrifting. Looking for a new piece of furniture or an accent piece? It is amazing what you can find on online sales sites or secondhand shops and garage sales. With a little elbow grease, stain, paint, or new hardware it’s easy to transform an old, tired piece into a new focal point for a room.

Move your curtains up. Even though your home may not have soaring ceilings (Did we mention that our homes in Retreat at Mountain View Ranch all have 9 ft ceilings?) you can certainly give the illusion that they are higher than they seem. Hanging curtains as close to the ceiling as possible will accomplish this. Add some sheer, gauzy curtains to diffuse natural light into the space making it feel warmer.  

 Throw pillows are not cheap but they can add so much coziness to your space. It’s far less expensive to cover them with new fabric than it is to replace them. This also allows you to change up the color scheme in your room without spending a lot of money.

Paint your doors. No one said that all doors must be white or some shade of beige. Painting a door can add drama and a pop of color to any space. Just remember to give everything ample time to dry before closing the door again.

There are inexpensive opportunities everywhere to add sophistication to your space. Take a little time to figure out what look you want and go for it. Most of all, have fun!