Laundry rooms are frequently the “catch all” space of the home. And for a space that is not the largest room in a home, there are a lot of items that wind up in it.

  • cleaning supplies
  • dirty laundry
  • ironing
  • vacuum & broom
  • laundry detergent, dryer sheets etc.
  • pet supplies
  • car supplies
  • keys
  • And a myriad of other things that just somehow mysteriously wind up in there.

Organization is the key!

Organization and being able to put things away keeps your space clutter free and leaves your laundry room more functional.

  1. Add a countertop or additional cabinets. Built in or freestanding.
  2. Install a hanging rod. Items that do not go into the dryer, still need somewhere to hang. You can also invest in a collapsible clothing rack.
  3. Install a small key hook for car keys, gate keys, keys to the RV etc. One with a small shelf will also help as a place to store garage remotes.
  4. Create a small pet space to hang leashes, store food, treats & toys. You can even create a food bowl location for your pets.
  5. Decorate it! Don’t skip on the fun just because it’s a laundry room.

All 5 of our floorplans in Retreat at Mountain View Ranch have sizeable laundry rooms with storage and so many possibilities. Come check them out!