One of the most important roles in building new homes is that of the Project Manager. Here at Costa Verde Homes, we are fortunate to have 2 project managers on our team. These 2 individuals have different backgrounds but many commonalities.

Jeff Kirkman

Chris Fox

We chatted with our 2 Managers, Jeff Kirkman and Chris Fox to learn a little bit more about them:

How long have you been in construction?

JK – 26 Years

CF – 24 Years

What was your first job in new home construction?

JK – Assistant Superintendent in Colorado

CF – Detailer – did everything from installing address tiles to working on items found on inspections

What are your main responsivities?

JK – Quality control, on-site management, scheduling, inspections

CF – Quality Control, Supervision, scheduling, inspections

What is the toughest part of your job?

JK – Scheduling, coordinating with our trade partners

CF – Staying on Schedule,

What gives you the most joy in your job?

JK – Seeing our homeowners’ joy and smiles when delivering their home

CF – Happy homeowners, quality job

How many homes have you been involved with building?

JK – About 500 homes

CF – Approximately 2500 homes

What is the one thing that might surprise people to know about you?

JK – I’m a big teddy bear

CF – Grew up in the restaurant industry

Thank you, Jeff and Chris, for all that you do for our homeowners. You do make a difference!