Purchasing a home from a home builder is different than purchasing a resale home from a private seller. Not only are the time frames different but much of the terminology is as well. If you have never purchased a brand-new home before, here are some questions to ask and things to keep in mind.

Do you have any inventory or quick move-in homes? – Sometimes builders will begin construction on homes before there is a buyer involved. There is also the possibility of a home becoming available because another buyer decided not to purchase it anymore. If you are looking to move and do not necessarily have the ability to wait months for a home to be finished, this can be a good option when looking for new home construction.

How long is the build time? – Important question to ask a builder because like most people you are probably working on a timeline. Keep in mind that builders also have timelines. They rely on trade partners and supply chains to complete the house you want. Unless you are purchasing an inventory home, this is not a 2-month process. Each new home is different, speak with the builder and find out their timing.

What comes included in the home? – VERY important question to ask. What you see in the model home may not be in the standard package. In most cases, the finishes you see in the model are upgrades. It’s hard to fall in love with something and then find out it’s not in your budget. Do you research, ask!

Is landscaping included? – This is a good question to ask because if landscaping is not included (and you don’t want to live with a dirt yard) then you are going to need to either learn how to install landscaping yourself or get a quote for how much it would cost to have landscaping done from another company. Remember sometimes builders do offer landscape packages at an additional cost as well.

Is there a homeowner’s association? – In Arizona, please understand that there is almost always an HOA. It’s just a question of how much a month it’s going to cost you and what amenities you get for it. This is a great time to ask about specific questions you may have such as: visible RV parking, parking restrictions, and other requirements. Ask the proper questions to find out if a neighborhood works for you.

Are there any incentives for working with the builder’s preferred lender/title company? – Purchasing a home is one of (if not the) largest purchase most people ever make in their lives. If you can take advantage of incentives that will take a little off your final price tag, it’s worth asking about.

What sets you apart from other builders? – What is the difference between one builder and another? Is it the amenities they offer? Unique options? Included features? Ask them and find out.