The neighborhood of Retreat at Mountain View Ranch is a new home community
located in Casa Grande, Arizona. Founded in 1879, the city of Casa Grande is even older
than the state of Arizona. Here are some key details about Casa Grande:

Location: Casa Grande is situated in the southern part of Arizona,
approximately halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. It is about 50 miles (80
kilometers) south of Phoenix and 70 miles (110 kilometers) northwest of Tucson.
Population: According to the official City website, Casa Grande has a
population of around 59,000 full-time residents with an average household
income of approx. $59,000.

History: Casa Grande has a rich history that dates back thousands of years.
The area was originally inhabited by the Hohokam people, who built the Casa
Grande Ruins National Monument, is a significant archaeological site. The city of
Casa Grande was founded in 1879 and incorporated in 1915. It became an
important transportation and agricultural hub due to its strategic location.

Economy: Casa Grande’s economy has traditionally been based on agriculture,
specifically cotton, citrus fruits, and cattle ranching. Over time, the city has
diversified its economic base, and industries such as manufacturing, distribution,
and retail have become significant contributors. There are also several large-
scale industrial and commercial developments in the area.

Attractions: Casa Grande offers various attractions and recreational
opportunities. The Casa Grande Valley Historical Society Museum provides
insights into the region’s history, including exhibits on the Hohokam culture. The
Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, operated by the National Park Service, is
a major archaeological site featuring the ancient “Great House” structure. The
Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf Resort is a notable destination for golf
enthusiasts. There is also the Dave White Municipal Golf Course and Palm Island
Family Aquatic Center, which features numerous water-themed attractions.

Transportation: Casa Grande benefits from its proximity to major
transportation routes. Interstate 10, a major highway, passes through the city,
connecting it to Phoenix and Tucson. Additionally, Casa Grande is served by the
Union Pacific Railroad and has an airport, the Casa Grande Municipal Airport.

Education: The Casa Grande Elementary School District and Casa Grande
Union High School District is responsible for public education in the area. The
city is also home to Central Arizona College, a community college that offers a
range of academic programs.

The items listed above are only a snapshot of Casa Grande. There is much more to
discover on the official City website, . To summarize, Casa
Grande is an affordable, growing, and changing community conveniently located
between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.